This document details how we use your personal information on this website and related properties. Please read it carefully before using our services, along with the Terms of Service.

Main website

This website ( is fully static and does not collect any personal information directly from you. Our web hosting provider, Vercel, will receive your IP address so that it can serve content.

Additionally, we use Simple Analytics to collect anonymous aggregate statistics for the website. This process is fully anonymous and does not track individual users or collect personal information. GoatCounter is currently used for the same purpose, but it is likely to be removed in the near future.

No cookies are used on this website.

ProtonAOSP website

The ProtonAOSP website at is also a static website hosted on Vercel, with Simple Analytics and GoatCounter for anonymous aggregate statistics.

If you download a build of ProtonAOSP through the web installer, the download will be served by Cloudflare, which will receive your IP address so that it can serve the download.

No cookies are used on this website.

Exclusive content

The exclusive content server at is a dynamic application server hosted on Vultr and proxied by Cloudflare.

If you download and install exclusive software from the server, the following information will be saved:

  • The ID of the Patreon user, grant link, or purchase that you accessed it with
  • Name and checksum of the file you downloaded
  • The IP address you downloaded the software from
  • The IP addresses you use the software from
  • Per-install ID derived from the Android install ID
  • When the software was last used
  • When you downloaded the file

This information is used to enforce the Terms of Service, diagnose issues, and calculate aggregate statistics.

When you pledge on Patreon or make a purchase, we will send you a transactional email. Your email address will be sent to our email communications provider, SendGrid, in order for us to fulfill your pledge or purchase.

Additionally, the path and IP address of each request is saved in the server logs for diagnostic, anti-abuse, and debugging purposes.


When you create, update, or cancel a pledge on Patreon, the following information will be saved:

  • Patreon user ID
  • Patreon account name
  • Email address
  • When your Patreon account was created

Additionally, if you proceed to link your Patreon account with the exclusive content server in order to download content, the following information will be saved:

  • Patreon access token
  • When you linked your account
  • IP address at the time of login

A session cookie will be stored on your device in order to save your login state. No unnecessary cookies are used.


If you purchase content, our payment processor Stripe will collect and use your billing information to complete the purchase. The only information we receive is your email address, which allows us to fulfill your purchase. No payment or billing information is transmitted to our servers.

If you visit a page that includes payments, Stripe may store cookies on your device for fraud detection. No unnecessary cookies are used.


We reserve the right to update this privacy policy at any time without notice. If significant changes are made, we will make an attempt to inform active users of affected services based on stored email addresses, but notification is not guaranteed.


If you are an European resident, you may exercise your rights under the GDPR via email.

If you are a California resident, you may exercise your rights under the CCPA via email. Please note that we do not sell any personal information.

Please send any questions, comments, or requests to We will gladly process CCPA and GDPR data deletion requests.