• February security patch (including recent .004 hotfix for Pixel 6)
  • Typography: Dynamic UI font metrics for better spacing (more compact, like Google Sans and SF Pro)
  • Restored improved clock app from ProtonAOSP 11
  • Sandboxed Google Play: Updates from GrapheneOS
  • Sandboxed Google Play: Improved companion app UI and UX
  • Launcher: Compatibility with Repainter’s “per-widget colors” option
  • Launcher: Updated themed icons from Lawnicons (including Google apps)
  • Lock screen: Fixed clock color during AOD transition
  • Network permission: Updates from GrapheneOS
  • Network permission: Minor optimization for compatibility changes
  • Repainter integration: Minor fixes
  • Pixel 6, 6 Pro: Fixed frequent background location indicators in some cases


This release has been superseded by 12.2.3, which is now public on the ProtonAOSP website.