Changes since 11.5.2

  • August security patch
  • Added unprivileged Google Play Services compatibility layer for privacy & security
  • Added support for verified boot with locked bootloader
  • Signed official builds with new private keys (no data wipe necessary)
  • Improved quality of screen-off fade animation
  • Added side padding to Gboard keys (Diab)
  • Updated Now Playing song database
  • Improved factory image flashing experience
  • Fixed compatibilty with some outdated 32-bit apps
  • Fixed issues related to custom font styles
  • Pixel 5: Custom vendor image built from source code
  • Pixel 5: Slightly improved performance (vendor optimizations)
  • Pixel 2: Fixed black screen when using Night Light with the Saturated color profile on boot


This release is now public on the ProtonAOSP website.