Changes since 11.4.0

  • May security patch
  • Added adaptive brightness toggle in QS (with UI tweaks)
  • Added support for Pixel 4 and 4 XL
  • Improved blur quality with state-of-the-art triangular RGB blue noise dithering and gamma correction
  • Changed UI theme to Primer Dark (by patron vote)
  • Better default ringtone, alarm, and notification sounds
  • New photo wallpapers from Unsplash
  • New space wallpapers from Infinitum
  • Improved default Strange Landscape wallpaper (Infinitum)
  • Low-level blur optimizations for GPU efficiency
  • New, uniform blur strength across all devices
  • Updated WebView to Chromium 90 (LineageOS)
  • Fixed network permission for multiple users (GrapheneOS)
  • Pixel 2
    • Fixed SafetyNet attestation failures
  • Pixel 4
    • Customizable Active Edge support
    • Unlocked always-on display setting (LineageOS)
    • Better connection to weak 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks
    • Night Light color temperature calibration from stock
    • Device and USB port overheating warnings from stock
    • Reduced background memory usage
    • Optimized native code for Snapdragon 855 CPU
    • Background app freezing for performance & battery
    • Smoother lock screen
    • More detailed face unlock errors
    • Disabled UI compositor debugging


This release is now public on the ProtonAOSP website.