Changes since 7.0.1

  • Added full support for Beta 5
  • Theme engine: Added setting for custom complementary color
  • Theme engine: Added support for local widget and menu colors in Pixel Launcher
  • Theme engine: Switched to new color science library (Color.kt)
  • Theme engine: Removed old color model (reduce colorfulness to get the same results)
  • Theme engine: Improved accuracy of color conversion pipeline
  • Theme engine: Fixed internal white point mismatches
  • Theme engine: Fixed color schemes in Wallpaper & style
  • Added option for multi-color popup menus in Pixel Launcher
  • Enabled new Live Space by default
  • Fixed custom ripple animations on Beta 5
  • Fixed disabling unified internet on Beta 5
  • Fixed circular icons on AOSP

Use this version of LSPosed in order to fix custom ripple animations.


This release is now public on GitHub.