Changes since 4.1.1

  • Added full support for Beta 2
  • Custom theme engine: Added new color shades for Beta 2
  • Custom theme engine: Better Material You color targeting
  • Custom theme engine: Optimized color calculations
  • Pixel Launcher: Material You search UI in app drawer
  • Pixel Launcher: Dynamic colors for some Google app icons
  • Option to use custom theme color instead of extracting from wallpaper
  • Support for disabling default features (e.g. unified internet)
  • Added full Material You color palette charts
  • Added option for rounded screenshots
  • New custom ripple animation inspired by Fluent Design
  • New Beta 2 ripple animation with sparkles removed
  • Fixed unstable circular icons on AOSP
  • Less intrusive game dashboard overlay
  • Removed support for Beta 1 and older

Root access is now required to manage overlays reliably.


This release is now public on GitHub.