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 +====== Talking to the Bot ======
 +Ever wanted to talk to a robot? Over Discord? Ever felt alone and wanted to dump everything onto a mechanical brain? Well, today is your lucky day. **Goldmine** understands human conversation,​ and you can talk to it!
 +There are several ways to talk to **Goldmine**.
 +One thing that many of you may have figured out by now, is talking by mention. You can say ''​@Goldmine#​1629 hello!'',​ and it will respond. You can then continue a conversation with the same ''​@Goldmine#​1629 [message]''​ format. If you're ever confused about how to do this, just say ''​@Goldmine#​1629'',​ which will give you instructions on what the bot will respond to with a mention.
 +You can also pretend **Goldmine** is actually a human user on Discord. By simply DMing the bot, you can have a friendly conversation! It works just like talking to someone else you know.
 +====== Language Support ======
 +The bot should work well with the following languages:
 +  * English
 +  * German
 +  * French
 +  * Spanish
 +Additionally,​ there is basic support for these languages:
 +  * Bangladesh
 +  * Hebrew
 +  * Hindi
 +  * Indonesian
 +  * Italian
 +  * Marathi
 +  * Portuguese
 +  * Russian
 +  * Telugu
 +  * Turkish
 +Other languages may or may not work to an extent. If you want your own language added, please contact the owner with the ''​contact''​ command, linking to several solid sets of language data and conversational chat bot training data for your language. The choice to add the language is at the owner'​s discretion.