Hello there, and welcome to the Goldmine wiki! This wiki is dedicated to the Discord bot Goldmine, made by kdragon.

For instructions on how to add the bot, visit this page.
For a general list of some basic features of the bot, visit features.

If you're here for basic support, please check out the FAQ first, before asking your question. If your question is not answered there, check the bot itself. The command may give help, and so could the help for the command.

If you're sure you've checked every possible location for help, and still can't resolve your issue, you may ask the owner. Contact him on Discord via Goldmine, using the contact command. If your question is reasonable, the owner may friend you to answer it. Do not abuse or spam this command in any way, or you will be placed in a blocklist.

If you're here for more information on specific features, please use the Search bar to the left.

Lastly, if you enjoy the bot, please help keep it alive. As the bot grows, more and more resources are required to sustain it while maintaining stability and features. The creator also has other projects. Click here to support Goldmine or for more information.

Enjoy the bot!