Goldmine is a very multifunctional bot. It has many different cogs, or modules that provide certain commands. Here is a list of the cogs that currently have a purpose for users:

  • Google
  • Moderation
  • Quotes
  • Kewl
  • Admin
  • Utility
  • Luck
  • Music
  • Welcome
  • Pokemon
  • Fun
  • Core

The best way to get familiar with all of Goldmine's features is with the help command. This command will tell you what each and every command will do when used, and what cog it belongs to. The commands are grouped by cog, so it is easy to see what commands a certain cog has. Many of the cog names are also self explanatory. For example, Google provides google, Moderation provides ban, mute, purge, and unmute - all moderation commands. Additionally, Pokemon provides pokemon, Utility provides many commands in general, and Music provides all music and voice related commands.

If you want help with a command, use the help command. Many people try to contact me for basic command help questions that can easily be resolved using help.

If you want to add help on a specific command or for a cog in general, you may do so on this wiki. Create a new page for the cog. You may have to register an user first.

You can also talk to Goldmine, like it's a human! Visit this page to learn more.