Here are some frequently asked questions. If you ask around for the answers to these, you will be publicly shamed as you obviously didn't read the entire FAQ.

Q: I forgot the prefix? How do I get it?
A: @Goldmine#1629 prefix

Q: How do I change the prefix?
A: With the prefix command.

Q: How do I change the welcome message?
A: With the welcome command.

Q: How do I invite the bot to a server?
A: The command is invite. You can easily invite it to a server over DM by saying !invite. See this page for more information.

Q: How do I play a YouTube playlist?
A: Just play it like anything else.

Q: Is feature ______________ there? Will you add it?
A: Look through the help. If it's not there, you may contact me if it's reasonable. Otherwise, no.

Q: How do I become a bot admin?
A: You can't. Look at what the admin command says.

Q: How do I become bot owner?
A: … Seriously? The bot owner means the person who owns the whole bot.

Q: Can I download the bot?
A: You can download the old version from GitHub.

Q: How many music tracks can I queue?
A: 12. Patrons can queue more, see my Patreon page.

Q: Is there a web dashboard?
A: There will be one, soon. Currently scheduled to be released in March of 2018.

Q: Will you friend me for no reason?
A: No. I will only temporarily friend you if you've contacted me for support through the bot, and you have a reasonable question.

Q: Can the bot be translated into [insert language here]?
A: No. I have no intentions for the actual bot to be translated. However, the conversation engine can. See this page for more information.

Q: Can I donate? Your bot is awesome!
A: Yes! I have a Patreon page. You can also send Bitcoin to 14oySPhb6P2YR6YiMurBZW8ceksWjqvuKK, Monero to 484vmyxH6Bp9LAnY6pyLbifDYrFbJFchLNAEhQoExHFaGDC4tigw8hFGm3weqHMfxUSxGw4eYgDRTHvsyPzDVQWdEw35hNW, or Zcash to t1K1JovayMJzQVkaLdcVhsBsdVoESWqpRBp. Cryptocurrency addresses are subject to change.

Q: How did you make Goldmine?
A: With Java, JDA, Gradle, Lavaplayer, and IntelliJ IDEA. It takes a lot of time to make a bot at this scale.

Q: How do I make a bot like yours?
A: Learn Java. Then look at the JDA documentation. Don't nag the JDA staff with silly questions though.

Q: Can you make me a bot?
A: No.

Q: Will you give me [insert privilege here] or [insert rank here]?
A: No.

Q: Why did the music suddenly stop playing?
A: Either I updated it, or it crashed. It happens sometimes.

Q: How many servers does the bot have?
A: There's an info command for that. When the web dashboard is released, this will be available online. In the meantime, you can also look at the listing on Discord Bot List or Discord Bots for an up-to-date count online.

If you have any more good questions for this, let me know!