Adding the Bot

Goldmine, just like most other public bots, is very easy to add. Simply click this link, select a server on which you have Manage Server permissions, and you're done!

The default command prefix is !. Therefore, you should use !prefix [new prefix] if you want to change it, or !help for help on the bot's features. If you want additional help on features, please visit the features page on this wiki.

It is also possible to change the command prefix to @Goldmine#1629. This will make the bot respond to mentions like some other bots. This way, it can be used like @Goldmine#1629 google discord, instead of [prefix]google discord. However, please note that this will render it impossible to talk to the bot via mention, until you change the prefix back.

If you ever forget the prefix, just type @Goldmine#1629 prefix. This will retrieve the prefix for you, no matter what you have set it to. This will even work if the prefix is actually the mention.

Now that you've added the bot, you should check out its features!