Finally, a great Discord bot with many features, including music, conversation, cats, and more.

Invite to your server

Simple, Painless Commands

No more complicated commands that nobody understands! Say hello to simple, intuitive commands that anyone could use. Not to mention... there's a lot of them!

Listen to Music with Friends

With this bot, you can listen to virtually any music with your friends (or enemies), at the same time. The best part is, you don't even have to be physically together. You could even leave a music livestream on for while you're gaming, just chatting, or doing anything else!

From Google to Pokémon...

and from conversation to cats...


Doesn't Break All the Time

Thanks to automatic, background error reporting, errors will always be taken care of in a timely fashion. The owner gets each and every error that y'all trigger, and fixes them in a flash. It's almost like it's black magic!

Did I Mention the Amount of Features?

This bot has just about all the features and commands you could want. Ever wanted to talk to a robot? Ever wanted to do a nice, automated reaction poll? Ever wanted custom messages of your choice to be sent whenever someone joins or leaves your server? Ever wanted a bunch of cats? No matter what your taste is, this bot has got you covered!