Most of my work is free and open-source on GitHub. By donating, your support will help me keep working on projects for everyone to enjoy freely. Please consider making a donation if you found my work helpful! 🙂

Because updating and maintaining projects is an ongoing process, recurring donations are the best way to support me and my development. They help me offer sustainable support in the long term. If you can’t afford it, that’s okay — you can still support me with a one-time donation. It doesn’t help as much with sustainable support, but all support is appreciated. Don’t worry if you think it’s not enough!


The best way to support me and my development is by pledging on Patreon. With a monthly pledge, you’ll get access to many benefits for your support, all the while helping me keep making great things for everyone to enjoy:


If you just want to support my development while remaining completely anonymous, you can also start a recurring donation on Liberapay. I can’t offer benefits this way because Liberapay keeps donors fully anonymous, but I appreciate the support!

PayPal (recurring)

It’s also possible to make a recurring monthly donation with PayPal Donations if you prefer it, but I can’t offer benefits this way.


PayPal (one-time)

The easiest way for you to make a one-time donation is with PayPal.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can use PayPal Donations to donate directly with a credit or debit card.


I also accept some cryptocurrencies if you prefer them over other options. Here are the addresses:

Bitcoin (BTC): bc1qaculctaahzdkvtn5j5zy7a3d79tg4ytnyf72sg
Ethereum (ETH): 0x8D04A7734fcE8a19f831D049AdBcE22d8CA4ee97
Monero (XMR): 46X8vWfKXKMG6WMLXdhKBvaVtKcPctCtk8kFbmGciAvA4NsqSsVqrVS29BRhtCVB4qGzCkGSLiqN8a9S7TpixF4JQ4qBuWX

Using a low fee is recommended because donations aren’t time-critical and transaction fees can get very high for some currencies.